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Choosing the right sheets

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Twin size sheet set- Fits Twin size bed.

XL Twin size sheet set- Fits dorm room beds and European Twin bed.

Full size sheet set- Fits Full size bed, Double bed, Full sofa bed, Rice or Antique bed.

Queen size sheet set- Fits Queen size bed, Queen sofa bed, European Queen size bed, and European Double/Full bed.

King size sheet set- Fits King size bed, a Eastern King size bed, a UK King size bed, or a European King size bed

California King sheet set- Fits King size bed, a Western King size bed, a King size Water bed, a Queen size Water bed, or an X-Long Queen size bed

Mattresses come in a variety of sizes, not just American but also European Mattress Sizes. There are twin, full, queen, and king. Although most of these sizes do not vary much in the U.S. they are often different when it comes to other countries. The full size mattress in the U.S. is 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. This is the same size as the European full size mattress.

However, in other countries it measures somewhat less. Asia’s full size mattress is 48 inches wide by 78 inches long. Although it is 3 inches longer in length, the width is 6 inches shorter. When it comes to king size beds they are not the same either. The king size bed is typically made up of two box springs and one mattress. The length of the mattress in the U.S. is typically 80 inches long.

The width however is another matter. The U.S. king size bed is believed to be two twin size box springs. However, the two twin size box springs are 78 inches wide which is 2 inches wider than the width of a traditional king size bed, which is only 76 inches.

The different sizes are thought to be because of the measurements used. In the U.S. inches are used and most countries overseas use the metric measurement.  The following is an example of the difference in size between typical beds and the countries in which they are different.

Twin Mattress Size - In the U.S. this bed is 39 x 75 inches.  In Australia it is 36 x 75 inches. Europe measures 35 x 79 inches.

Twin Extra Long Size- U.S. measurements are 39 x 80.

Double/ Full Mattress Size- U.S. measurements are 54 x 75 inches. In Europe it is 55 x 79 inches.

Queen Mattress Size- In the U.S. it is 60 x 80 inches. In Europe the queen is 63 x 79 inches.

King Mattress Size - U.S. measurements are 76 x 80 inches. Australia measures 72 x 80 inches. UK measurements are 72 x 78 inches and Europe is 71 x 79 inches. 

California King Mattress Size- U.S. measurements are 72 x 84.

While these measurements only vary by a few inches, it may make a big difference for someone who is tall. They may find that their feet may hang over the edge of their bed if they do not have one that is long enough for their stature.

At one time the three quarter bed was a popular one. They were normally used when the requirement for a bigger bed than a twin was required but there may not have been room for a double bed. Measuring 48 x 75 inches they are not used anymore.

There are so many sizes available so when you say you want a king or queen set you should really measure it so the exact size of the bed is known especially before purchasing sheets. Some sheets are made for beds that are longer than the normal length. This should be on the package however, most people really do not take the time to make sure of the length. They just assume that twin means twin and king means king.